Saturday, March 11  9AM-3PM 

Birdsong will be selling native high-bush blueberries and a wonderful variety of other plants including native perennials, pollinator plants and wild azaleas so please join us at the Metcalfe Spring Market!
Blueberry fruit.

Native high-bush blueberries!

The very best, most reliable, carefree, and easiest fruit you can grow in our region is our native high-bush blueberry.

These plants need almost no care if grown in acid soil, and with two or more plants to ensure pollination. You will never have to spray chemicals or worry about freezing weather. Blueberry bushes will produce fruit without fertilizer or pruning, though the berries will be bigger and more plentiful if a little fertilizer is applied in early spring, and the bushes can be pruned for shape if you like. Blueberries bushes can also be an attractive landscape feature. They have a nice rounded shape, red fall color, and pretty white flowers in spring which make the gorgeous and delicious clusters of berries in May and June.


Blueberry plant (left) with close-up flowers (right).

Birdsong is lucky to have great blueberry plants for sale this year.

These came from Ernest Koone’s nursery in Pine Mountain Georgia. The variety is “Farthing” which is an improved cultivar of our native high-bush blueberry. The fruit ripens early and will last six weeks. The berries are large and sweet.

Be sure to buy two or more for pollination, and to have enough fruit to share with the birds!  

Blueberry foliage (left) and blueberries in pots (right).

Birdsong will have two
Saturday plant sales this spring


Metcalfe Spring Market
March 11, 9-3 

Birdsong Nature Center
March 25, 9-1

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